Black kids still being "stolen" (rescued from neglect)

I suppose the Leftist propagandists would prefer the kids to die

State welfare workers have begun removing the fifth generation of Aboriginal children from their parents, meaning some indigenous families have an 80-year history with child protection services. There are few signs the cycle will be broken, as more Aboriginal children are being separated from their parents than at any time in Australian history.

The Australian spoke yesterday to an Aboriginal woman whose daughter became the family's fifth generation to be raised by the state, when she was taken from her home in June 2007 and placed with white foster parents on the NSW central coast. Her mother was a state ward; so too were her grandparents, her great-grandmother and her great-great-grandmother. The NSW Department of Community Services removed the girl after an older sister, aged 14, tried to hang herself.

The girls' mother told The Australian: "After the Stolen Generation report, they said it would never happen again but it's happening. You don't want to tell child welfare that you need help, because they will come and take your children. "My daughter was seven years old when they came for her. My husband fell down on his knees on the lawn. She was screaming. The last memory I have is of her hand against the glass, (and her) saying, 'Please let me stay'."

The mother, who was born in 1967, was left on a railway line when she was three days old. She was sent to live with white foster parents until she ran away at the age of 12. When caught, she went to a Brisbane institution known as Wilson, where she stayed until she was 18. Her mother was raised at the Parramatta Girls' Home in Sydney in the 1950s. Her father was born in 1940 on the Woorabinda mission, which was established inland of Rockhampton, in central Queensland, in 1927. At the age of eight, he was taken by Children's Services, Queensland (now the Department of Child Safety) to live at the Nudgee orphanage in Brisbane's north. His mother was also a state ward, taken into servitude on Palm Island at 15. His grandmother was raised at Woorabinda, under the care of the Aboriginal Commissioner.

The Australian revealed last year there were between six and 10 times as many Aboriginal children in state care today than at the height of the Stolen Generations era. The most recent data, from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, shows 9074 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in out-of-home care. The rate of Aboriginal children in care is 41.3 per 1000 indigenous children nationwide, while in NSW the rate is 66.3 per 1000. The national figure is nine times the rate for other children.

Most of the Aboriginal children in care have been removed from their parents because of neglect. There is no data on the number of indigenous children removed from parents who were state wards, or the offspring of state wards, but a report by the Australian Institute of Family Studies in 2006 said Aboriginal parents separated from their natural families were more likely to abuse alcohol, and have mental health problems, which could lead to the removal of children. [i.e. Parents with dysfunctional traits tend to pass on those traits to their children via normal genetic inheritance]

The mother whose daughter was removed last June asked: "How can DOCS continue to take children away from their families when the grounds for doing so are not made clear? We don't do drugs, drink or beat our children. We just asked for help."


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