Teen pregnancies - Now it's the parents fault

Daily Mail - Parents should not tell their young teenage children that it is wrong to have sex, ministers said today. They should curb their tongues on the rights and wrongs of teenage sex for fear of discouraging youngsters from 'being open', a new campaign to involve parents in sex education said.
Heaven forbid parents were to let their own children know what they thought of teenage sex. How dare you! It's just incredible, you think you have the right to tell your 15 year-old daughter that it's not a good idea to get knocked up at 15, the nerve! Pretty soon these arrogant scumbags will turn around and tell you folks to just give up parenting, it's all too difficult for you lot. If you must have that child then once they are a year or two, just hand them over to the state, so they can be raised to be good little leftist parasites.
But while parents are warned off giving moral guidance to their children, they are encouraged to get them to use condoms and other contraception from the age of 13. Mothers and fathers should offer to go with their teenagers to their GP or a local sex advice clinic to get contraceptives, the new advice recommended.
They might come up with more and more useless ideas on curbing teen pregnancies but one thing's for sure, they'll never give up the condom. It's like a sacred object or something. Never mind setting a good example, taking responsibility and keeping your legs closed, that never worked. I'm sure that today's latte-left will make war upon the world if anything were to threaten the sacred condom.
......The effort to recruit parents to reinforce the Government's failing 'teenage pregnancy strategy' comes as ministers are braced for the release of new and damning figures on pregnancies among under-18s. They will show, as first disclosed by the Daily Mail in December, that in 2007 the teen pregnancy rate defied Government expectations by going up, not down.

Mrs Hughes and her colleagues have already tried to revamp their teen pregnancy strategy - which is based on universal sex education and wide distribution of contraception - by ordering compulsory sex education in primary schools for the first time.
And what a roaring success that has been eh. But fear not, these self-appointed social engineers have the answer, yes you guessed it, more sex-education, more and more and more sex-education. The way these miscreants are pushing sex-education, they'll soon be foisting it upon new-born babies or something. Forget learning to read and write, how to use a condom and where to get one for free [paid for by the taxpayer] is vital in these enlightened times.
The leaflets produced by Ed Balls' Children's Department said: 'Discussing your values with your teenagers will help them to form their own. Remember though, that trying to convince them of what's right and wrong may discourage them from being open.

'Try to keep the discussion light, encourage them to say what they think and reassure them that you trust them to make the right decisions.' According to the guidance leaflets, titled 'Talking to your Teenager about Sex and Relationships', 'the more they understand, the more they are likely to make the right choices when the time comes.'
Yeah, that makes a lot of sense morons, you shouldn't dare to tell them right and wrong, you judgmental bastards. Just choke your personal opinions and values down your throat, and somehow they'll make the 'right' decision, whatever the heck that's supposed to be.
......Author and researcher Patricia Morgan, who is completing a book on teenage pregnancy, said Government claims that parental sex education keeps children back from having early sex are wrong. 'All the evidence from the United States is that if parents say they disapprove of underage sex, the teenagers are less likely to do it. If parents talk about underage sex and do not disapprove of it, the children go on to do it. It is pretty basic stuff,' she said.

'Parents are not allowed to know if their child is being given contraception or getting an abortion. But they are being told to teach their children about sex in a manner dictated by the state.
Off course, as far as these social engineers are concerned, the only right parents have is to teach their children how to fornicate, that and to work so their taxes can be used to fund the sacred condom and the even more sacred, abortion.

Want your children to become successful, productive, upstanding citizens, in my opinion, keep them as far away from leftists as you can folks.

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