On Your Feet Or On Your Knees???

One of the slimiest vermin in Congress, Rep. david obey (d-WI, of course), when told about HOW the money of the obscenely misnamed "stimulus" bill might be misspent replied "So what?" This is the same sort of creature who has stated - along with the new President Bumper Sticker - that the bill is "earmark free"...
...just who the hell do they think they're fooling?

The lemmings
(their constituents) who voted for them and their socialist ilk, obviously.
(and notice how neatly they've preemptively laid the blame for the inevitable failure of this obamanation on the people THEY are giving the money TO!)
Then again, if something is 93% SPENDING to increase the size of government, does that mean it's
actually the whole pig, and they're leaving off the ears?

Naturally, the Sacred Sock Puppet is wailing to the sky, doing all he can to paint the world in as bleak colors as he can, preaching fear, gloom and doom (thus endeth the over-used, too-oft-abused "hope" mantra), so that scared people will see this as an "emergency" and they can be (blindly, he hopes) rushed into "doing something quickly".
...obviously mouthing words -
like the obedient little figurehead he is - that his mail-a-dead-fish-to-guys-who-piss-you-off chief-of-staff (rahm "never waste a good crisis" emmanuel) probably wrote for him.

Of course, that flies in the face of the Congressional Budget Office (which USED to be sacred to the socialists while Bush was in the White House!), which issued a report that this obamanation of a spending bill will actually TRASH THE ECONOMY WORSE in the long run than IF WE DID NOTHING AT ALL.

Is there ANY good news on this?

Well, I'm proud to say that I played a (nearly microscopic) part in slagging-down the phone lines on Capitol Hill, today. Tens of thousands of real Americans bombarded the Congressional switchboard {202-224-3121} with calls protesting the destruction of our children's future.
Every time I had a break at work, I had my cell phone burning the lines to the two Senators misrepresenting Montana (informing them how their own grandchildren will curse their names unless they extract their craniums from their rectums).
Hell, for that matter I called a whole mess of other Senators either thanking them or "correcting" them on their positions regarding that bill.

Just for good measure, here's a handy little website that lists all kinds of ways you can contact YOUR Senators and tell them what YOU think.
Take the time.
Make the calls.
...or go cry to the person in the mirror that you SHOULD have done something, but didn't.

Will you stand tall or grab your ankles?

Make your choice, but I'm going to keep swinging...I can't even spell, "k-w-i-t".

...and in the meantime, my 78 y.o. dad (also an Army retiree) and I are going shootin' this weekend. He's itchin' to try out the new M1911A1 that I got him for his latest birthday.

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