There's a financial crisis on, time to act like it

Deutsche Welle - US President Barack Obama has pledged to halve the country's federal budget deficit by the end of his four-year term in office. Speaking at the opening of a White House summit on fiscal responsibility, Obama warned that the US would face another economic crisis if it did not address its debt problems soon and with more transparency.
Excellent idea King Hussein, so good of your to look for ways to cut money. Here's one place where you can cut costs, and save lives to boot.
LifeNews - A new national campaign sponsored by the Family Research Council is targeting the taxpayer funding that goes to Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion business. The group is urging state lawmakers to ditch funding saying the abortion business is flush with cash. During a difficult economic time, FRC says there is no reason for state and local governments to send public funds to an abortion business. ...... With a $1 billion budget and a $114 million operating surplus, Tom McClusky, vice president for government affairs, tells Religion News Service that Planned Parenthood doesn't need the bailout.
You said you would represent all Americans, well all Americans don't quite approve of knocking off the unborn willy-willy, so how about it, give them a bit of choice as to where their hard-earned is spent. I mean it's not like you're banning abortion or something, just not forcing those who don't agree with it to pay for it. If all the pro-abortion leftists believe that planned parenthood can't survive without donations and too many babies will survive, they are more than welcome to donate money directly to them, I'm sure the abortion giant won't turn them away. I know it's not that same, but to leftists I'm sure the following should clear things up, imagine leftists' taxes being used to fund Conservative talk radio. The horror!

Moving on to transparency.
Times Online - President Obama, having campaigned on a promise to end the culture of cronyism, seems poised to appoint one of his biggest campaign fundraisers as the next American ambassador in London.
There ya go King Hussein, you talked the talk, now walk the walk too, save money and none of this jobs-for-the-boys. Put the red felt pen right through both those.

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