Follow the leftist path or else!

FOXNews - Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, whose pro-gun stance has attracted criticism from fellow New York Democrats, has moved two rifles she kept under her bed for protection because of news reports about the weapons. In a Newsday interview published earlier Monday, Gillibrand said she and her husband, Jonathan, kept the rifles to protect their upstate New York home. The couple has two young children. Gillibrand spokesman Matt Canter told the newspaper in a story posted on the its Web site Monday evening that the rifles were removed for security reasons because their location had been reported.
Obviously lefties get very upset when folks keep weapons to protect themselves and their little ones from scumbags that want to do them harm. Heck, there ain't even room to allow one of their own to break from the leftist line. I for one hope this senator doesn't give up her guns to make the gun-fearing leftist fools all warm and fuzzy knowing the criminal scum have little to fear if they were to break in and help themselves to the Gillibrand's.

Stick to your guns lady, cos when there are noises downstairs at 3am, them gun-fearing fools won't come running to save you.

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