Let's hear it for pure, in-your-face chutzpah.

The Sacred Sock Puppet today held a - get this! - "Fiscal Responsibility Summit" at the White House. The "community organizer" called in all kinds of wiz-kids and government wonks for a bull-session, told them to identify the problems facing America, break up into
study-groups, then get back to him THIS AFTERNOON with not only the specific problems, but the SOLUTIONS for them as well.
President Obumpersticker is promising "fiscal responsibility" - and cutting the FUTURE deficit by HALF! - THE WEEK AFTER HE SIGNED A BILL SPENDING $1.3 TRILLION WE DON'T HAVE!!!!

Of course, he's blaming it all on the Bush administration...but even THAT wasn't enough, since Congress is already preparing to send him the next budget - yeah, remember that "annual budget" thingy for all the ALREADY bloated government spending (that never gets cut) which has to be paid every year? - with a total that's over $410 billion.
And that's ON TOP of all this "stimulus" and "bail-out" spending!
...and that budget has over 9000 earmarks for over $5 BILLION IN PORK!

So the Sacred Sock Puppet stages his little PR stunt to tout "fiscal responsibility" CHANGE, the week after signing the largest "money-we-can't-even-HOPE-to-have" deficit spending bill in human history???

Gotta hand it to him, the son of a bitch has big brass ones....
If it wasn't so insulting, ya'd almost have to admire the punk.

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