Wake up Australia, before its too late

News.com.au - DISCRIMINATION against dominant white males will soon be encouraged in a bid to boost the status of women, the disabled and cultural and religious minorities. Such positive discrimination -- treating people differently in order to obtain equality for marginalised groups - is set to be legalised under planned changes to the Equal Opportunity Act foreshadowed last week by state Attorney-General Rob Hulls.

......Equal Opportunity Commission CEO Dr Helen Szoke said males had "been the big success story in business and goods and services". "Clearly, they will have their position changed because they will be competing in a different way with these people who have been traditionally marginalised," she said.

"Let's open it up so everyone can have a fair go."
This really pisses me off. What a bunch of worthless, loathsome vermin this Equal Opportunity Commission is. First off, I guess the irony of bleating about 'Equal' is lost on these leftist scumbags, where's the equal opportunity for white males huh?

This is state-endorsed racism, plain and simple folks. Back in the day, they would have been bleating about discrimination against people because of the color of their skin. But now these leftards are pushing the very thing they are supposed to be against.

And what about the last bit, everyone can have a fair go? Either the woman is too stupid to even know what she is saying or is just plain dishonest, which wouldn't surprise me in the least. A more accurate statement should be, everyone BUT WHITE MALES can have a fair go in Australia. If they even had a skerrick of honesty, shame or integrity, this commission would rename itself to, Equal Opportunity [for all but white males] Commission.

Wake up Australia, wake up before they take your country away from you and re-make it into one of those whitey-hating, man-hating leftist shitholes in Europe. Either you take your nation and your heritage back, or be prepared to explain to your sons that because they're born white, they're somehow nasty little bastards and therefore not deserving of a fair go.

You will have to explain to your sons that their fathers built this nation, but because they were white, they were just a bunch of bastards and so now to somehow set things right, they need to pay the price set by these here bunch of shameless, racist cowards.

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