Tom Harris on DeSmogBlog

A fascinating reply from Tom Harris, Executive Director
Natural Resources Stewardship Project, in comments to Len’s post: ‘Ball Speaks on Global Warming’.

Don’t miss reading it.

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  1. Interesting that Tom Harris wants to talk all about the DeSmogBlog an its financing (which we admit rather proudly), but not about the NRSP's funding - which Harris keeps a closely guarded secret.
    Intereting also that he wants to obsess about our mistake in confusing him with another APCO Worldwide PR guy named Tom Harris - a mistake we have acknowledged and for which we apologized and (Harris knows damn well, because I copied him on the emails) followed up when other people picked up the erroneous reports.
    Yet, we get no discussion about Harris's own admission that the NRSP was set up at the behest of his old boss, Tim Egan at the energy industry lobby firm the HighPark Group.
    Harris implies that we are agenda driven, and he's right. We would like to blow the smoke off his obfuscatory arguments. What he won't do is admit his own agenda or declare his own funding. Until he does, I suggest that the urban mythmaker title cannot fairly be claimed by our striving little blog - not against that kind of competition.
    Richard Littlemore


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