Is the worm turning?

From a post by the Baron over at Gates of Vienna:

"I’ve previously written about a Danish counterjihad group called SIAD, “Stop the Islamization of Denmark”. SIAD has been harassed and even subjected to violence in its opposition to creeping sharia within Denmark. It is being vilified as a reactionary and racist hate group. (bold

And now SIAD has become a political party. Anders Gravers, the founder of the group, emailed me today with the translation of SIAD’s mission statement and the “who we are” section of the SIAD website.

Our mission

Although it should be unnecessary to mention it, we do so for the sake of clarity: We believe in our mission!

Our conviction is not based on naive imagination, nor on arrogance, nor on a lack of realism. On the contrary, it comes from a deep feeling of responsibility for our children and descendants, and for our country in general. We are of the opinion that our country is in peril, as stated in the old poem about Holger Danske. To us this famous poem means that when our country is faced with a real dilemma, the Dane (the personification of the original people) will show his true face and rise from his chair and do what has to be done.

We feel this vocation very deeply, hearing the call for help from our ancestral home. Someone has to do something before it is too late. Now is the time, as it is five minutes to twelve! Unfortunately, we cannot count on any help or leadership from our governing politicians, and therefore we have decided that this “someone” should be us, SIAD. Nobody else seems to have thought about getting involved.

A winning cause

Another important reason for us to be sure of our mission is that we know we have a winning cause. We are convinced that justice will be done, if not today, then tomorrow.

In this way, we are exactly as decisive and firm in our fight for Denmark as are our opponents among the Islamists (and their tools, the useful idiots) in their fight against Denmark. We know the forbearance and kindness of the Danish people. “We want peace in this country” — as we sing on the Midsummer eve — but there will come a time for all of us when we cannot put up with any more. And that time has already come! Thus we have decided to ignore all the divisions normally separating public movements into political parties, and rise up in a common front against the Islamic occupying power. Therefore we urge the Danish people to join the Danish Unity Party, the ideal of which is to recreate the same sense of community that they experienced during the former occupation of this country."

All power to their arm. And good on you, G.O.V. for helping publicise their cause.

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