anti-smacking? anti democracy, more like.

A hard-left totalitarian cow sponsors an "anti-smacking" bill in the NZ parliament. The vast majority of Kiwis oppose this bill yet still it looks as though it will become law.
This, from a government that stole the election by using large amounts of taxpayer's money.

Now the media is making much of threats made against the politician concerned on a website and some commenters have the attitude that this is ..gasp!..unlawful and awful and horrible and everything.
Pig's arse. When politicians show such contempt for those who employ them, when they reduce the democratic process to a system of bribery and threats, when the Prime Minister can get away with breaking the law and the courts imprison a man for sedition then any pretence that New Zealand is a functioning Western democracy becomes a joke.
Mealy-mouthed pompous pronouncements about how the owners of that blog are breaking the law miss the point--when the politicians themselves show such contempt for the law, why the hell should citizens-- who pay them-- respect it?

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