a note from Crusader Rabbit:

Here at AWH, authors have their own styles and their own views on what constitutes reasonable dialogue so what follows is very much my own opinion.
The blog title ought to give a clue regarding my allegiance to Western ideals and values and those values are absolutely not negotiable. I don't believe that all cultures are equal and I sure as hell don't believe that we have the "right" to negotiate or give away any of our hard-earned freedoms in the name of multiculturalism.

It's a frequent complaint of leftists that we on the right are ravening death beasts, intolerant of other viewpoints and incapable of reasoned debate.

Leaving aside the pot/kettle/black aspect of those charges (just visit DailyKos to see the hypocrisy at work ) the fact is that the left's idea of reasonable debate is debate on their terms. Leftists drag comments threads off-topic with nitpicking asides, by constantly shifting the goalposts, by pretending to engage in examination of "underlying causes" and so forth while all the time they're little more than apologists for some of the most barbaric thugs in the modern world.
As though panties on the heads of prisoners in Abu Ghraib were somehow the equivalent of raped and murdered schoolchildren in Beslan. As though one or two undisciplined soldiers out of several hundred thousand were somehow representative of our troops.
I have no patience with them and zero tolerance for a screwed-up worldview that would see us lose a civilisation in order to feel somehow morally smug and superior.

So--a warning. My posts are my opinion. You want to argue with them? fine by me. Argue away. But I'm implacably opposed to islam and regard myself as being at war with them. With all of them, so even the barest hint of sympathy for them or apologising for them will be met with contempt, ridicule and--if persistent--with deletion of the comment.

It's not AWH policy. Just my personal level of intolerance for traitors and cowards.


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