Global Warming is a Big Money Game

About a week ago I wrote a couple of pieces on Dr. Timothy Ball and his assertion that global warming as caused by man does not exist. Of course I was quickly jumped by greenies complaining that Ball is on the Big Oil payroll so we ought to take what he says with a grain of salt.

But what about those on the other side of this issue? Are they being totally honest about where their funding comes from? What about the environmental Grand Poobah himself David Suzuki - defender of all things green and slayer of the evil inustrialists?

Suzuki, appearing on a Toronto talk radio show last week, claimed that scientists who speak out against global warming have ulterior motives, that they are on the payroll of industry. When host John Oakley asked him where he got his funding from he replied,
"We don’t take government money, corporations have not been interested in funding us."

Apparently some corporations are interested. A little fact checking by the Institute for Canadian Values reveals that in fact at least 52 corporations have given money to the David Suzuki Foundation including Bell Canada, Toyota, IBM, McGraw-Hill Ryerson, Microsoft, Scotia Capital, Warner Brothers, RBC, Canon and Bank of Montreal. Somehow Suzuki forgot to mention that.

Which brings me back to my original point of honesty insofar as funding is concerned. It’s no secret that an entire industry has been built up around the global warming issue with Suzuki being a major player. We’re talking big money, big stakes. Think about it.

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