Please Take a Stand ... On Anything

A couple of days ago I blogged about how I wasn't ready to jump on the "Stephane Dion is not a leader” bandwagon preferring instead to give the guy a chance. (see So This is Leadership?) I also stated that if his recent push to have the Tories come up with a plan to implement Kyoto in 60 days, after the previous Liberal regime dragged its feet for 10 years, then point me at that bandwagon.

What has this guy done for the 'natural governing party' of Canada?

Aside from showing absolutely no leadership with respect to Kyoto ie: he prefers to play politics knowing full well the economic damage the accord will cause Canada,

  • He pushed Wajid Khan out of the party in what can only be described as tactical brilliance given the current seating arrangement in the House.

  • He criticized Stephen Harper's plan to hold plebiscites on Senators when the Liberals don't even have a Senate-reform strategy of their own

  • In response to John Baird being named the new Environment Minister he said "I hope that this government will do more [on the environment] than what it has done in the past. It won't be hard" evidently forgetting his Liberals were actually the ones in power for over 10 years not to mention the fact that Canada's emissions climbed to over 35% above 1990 levels instead of being lowered to 6% below those same levels as per the terms of Kyoto

  • In another shrewd political move he is now reversing his Party's stance on 2 anti-terror measures originally drafted by the Chretien Liberals. The Tories think these two pieces of legislation are actually pretty good and will help to protect Canadians from terrorists but suddenly Dion doesn't like them simply because the Conservatives do.

When your only strategy is to hold a position directly opposite to your opponent it serves to show you have no strategy or position for that matter. It all boils down to we'll say black because they say white.

This from a fellow who would be Prime Minister?

Did someone mention an election may be near?

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