They Just Don't Learn

Liberal MP Denis CoderreOnce again a prominent Liberal has stuck his foot in his mouth and the result is not pretty. Liberal MP and defence critic Denis Coderre joins an elite club which boasts such other notables as Scott Reid, Mike Klander and Carolyn Parrish to name just a few.

No, Mr. Coderre didn't tell Alberta to blow him nor did he compare Handsome Jack Layton's wife to a chow or poke fun at Conervative MP Stephen Fletcher's physical impairment. He didn't even refer to the Americans as bastards. But what he did do was almost as bad. He outright accused Canada's top soldier of playing politics.

Speaking at the annual meeting of the Conference of Defence Associations General Rick Hillier, describing military life under the previous Liberal administration said,
"Those actions, dollar deprived, have now led to some deep wounds in the department in the Canadian Forces over this past, what I would call, a decade of darkness."

This is not the first time Gen. Hillier has used the phrase 'decade of darkness'. He has also referred to the Forces as being on 'life support' but is now pleased with the new change of direction provided by the Conservatives. Of course those remarks didn't sit well with Mr. Coderre who responded by saying,
"...I think it's highly political and I am very disappointed at it. To get involved in politics, there is one way. You should run."

Wow. Did he touch a nerve? You know the old saying 'if the shoe fits...". However Mr. Coderre should know better. As this nation's top soldier it is the duty of Gen. Hillier to want and try to provide the absolute best to his troops and he wasn't getting it from the Liberals. If the situation was reversed and it was the Tories who slashed and hacked the military budget you don't think Gen. Hillier would be criticizing them? It has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with the government of the day.

Besides, where does Mr. Coderre get off accusing the General of playing politics for speaking his mind when it was the Liberals who accused Prime Minister Stephen Harper of muzzling then RCMP Commissioner Giuliano Zaccardelli over the Maher Arar affair? I guess it's called playing politics when it's something you don't want to hear.

You can't have your cake and eat it too boys.

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