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The truth about poor, maltreated David Michael Hicks, a/k/a “Abu Muslim Australia,” a/k/a “Abu Muslim Austraili,” a/k/a “Abu Muslim Philippine,” a/k/a “Muhammad Dawood:

DAVID Hicks, already facing the possibility of 20 years' jail on terrorism charges in the US, is the subject of a new investigation by the Indian Government over his attacks on their armed forces in Kashmir.

The prosecution file states that the former kangaroo skinner and father of two who converted to Islam joined the terror group Lashkar-e-Toiba in Pakistan, travelled to the border with Indian Kashmir in 2000 and fired on Indian troops.
Oh oh.

Reports of the American disclosures were sent to New Delhi this week by the Indian deputy high commissioner to Australia, Vinod Kumar.
Stool pigeons! Will these American disclosures not end!

If Mr Hicks was involved with them at any level, and if he was indeed firing weapons at our troops, then, most certainly, we'd like to talk to him about it. We'd be interested to talk to anyone who has done that. We don't take kindly to attacks on our soldiers. . .
Double oh oh.

Better check to see if we have any nasty extradition treaties with India. Might be there’s some further interference to run. But can this get any worse down at lefty central headquarters (where the aspirins are being handed around like tic tacs)?

The American file is consistent with a letter Hicks wrote to his family in Adelaide in which he admits to firing hundreds of bullets in Kashmir at the enemies of Islam.
Triple oh oh.

In a March 2000 letter, Hicks told his family "don't ask what's happened, I can't be bothered explaining the outcome of these strange events has put me in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir in a training camp. Three months training. After which it is my decision whether to cross the line of control into Indian-occupied Kashmir."

The training camp was run by Lashkar-e-Toiba, the army of the pure, Islamic fundamentalists fighting to free Muslims under Indian rule and designated a terrorist group by Australia in 2003.
Will “Abu Muslim Australia,” a/k/a “Abu Muslim Austraili,” a/k/a “Abu Muslim Philippine,” a/k/a “Muhammad Dawood” never shut up! Oh no. We can feel it already, can’t we? Dawood clearly had a touch of the ‘post cards’.

No. NO!

In another letter on August 10, 2000, Hicks wrote from Kashmir, claiming to have been a guest of Pakistan's army for two weeks at the front in the "controlled war" with India.

"I got to fire hundreds of bullets. Most Muslim countries impose hanging for civilians arming themselves for conflict. There are not many countries in the world where a tourist, according to his visa, can go to stay with the army and shoot across the border at its enemy, legally."
Oh, what a relief! Just a tourist, according to his visa - as opposed to what, I wonder? A ‘blood curdling soldier for Allah’ visa? Do they have those? But never mind - just a happy-go-lucky ‘tourist’, off for some sporty ‘cross-border Hindu shoots’, care of the Pakistani army. A few ‘fun-in-the-sun Sikh culls’, that's all.

And, what’s more, all totally legal! I wonder if they’ve thought of running tours?

Meanwhile, back at Hicks central, the welcoming committee is still warming up:

MORE than 800 people attended a prayer service in support of Guantanamo Bay detainee David Hicks in central Melbourne today. The service included a prayer for a fair trial, for Hicks' mental and physical health and for the victims of terrorism.
‘Victims of terrorism’? Don’t they mean ‘so-called’ terrorism? Oh – silly me – they’re including Dawood in that list of victims, aren’t they - because we all know who the real terrorists are. I keep forgetting. . .

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