Telling it like it is. . .

A backlash? Really? When Osama Bin Laden is happy to endorse a Democrat candidate for President?

JOHN Howard is facing a backlash both at home and abroad over his extraordinary attack on US presidential contender Barack Obama and his Democratic Party.

The PM's suggestion that terrorists would rejoice if Senator Obama or his party won the presidency in 2008 were branded as "bizarre", and condemned by both sides of US politics.
We have a stake in what occurs in Iraq, both financial and moral. We have a stake in seeing the steady rise of Islamism halted. Personally, I believe our PM has every right to speak out about that. That the Democrats are the terrorists’ party of choice is a matter of record. That the ‘liberal’ MSM have successfully managed, after years of tireless propaganda, to blame Bush for the eight years of inaction under President Clinton, which allowed 9/11 (and other outrages) to take place, does not change that.

The fact is, John Howard is absolutely right. And we all know it.

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