Nilk gives 'em heaps.

Tim Blair:
"Former Midnight Oil drummer turned magazine whiner Rob Hirst complains about preferential treatment for stupid wealthy people:

Were getting thicker. Our unis are filling up with dumb, rich kids whose daddies have paid to queue-jump them over the heads of their brighter, poorer peers.
More of this drivel HERE:

So Nilk gave it to him--with both barrels:

"Were smucky (smug and lucky) because most of us are still alive and well, having survived SIDS, SARS, AIDS and HECS.and polio, and measles, mumps, rubella, smallpox, chickenpox, tb, diptheria, cholera, malaria, snakebite, spider bite, all sorts of childhood accidents due courtesy of our superior vaccination programs and health system. We drink pricey bottled water in one of the few countries where you dont have to, dine in fine restaurants and refuse to leave a tip.People choose to drink the water, and not all places charge for it. As for tipping? In my opinion, tipping is a mechanism used in some countries that ensures that minimum wages remain incredibly low, and has become enshrined as a right, not a genuine gratuity. We need to get over ourselves. Our so-called civilisation is a chimera, our institutions a hoax. Beneath our bespoke threads, were still The Great Unwashed. Rednecks with foccacias. The spawn of convicts, regiments and reffos, clinging by our high-gloss fingernails to the crumbling edge of an ancient, vast, barbaric island."

the problem with this is???As someone who has taken advantage of what this so-called civilisation offers, methinks you protest too much.
I mean, just look at us:

(a) Were getting thicker. Our unis are filling up with dumb, rich kids whose daddies have paid to queue-jump them over the heads of their brighter, poorer peers.
Thank those who have been dumbing down our education system, and ensuring that we have had a couple of generations of teachers that do not teach, as well as students who do not know how to learn.
(b) Were getting bigger. As a nation, were starting to resemble American theme-park dwellers - people whose girth and gait suggest that, at any one time, theyre carting around at least five kilos of undigested red meat in their colons.
Evidence, please. And Im not talking TodayTonight spots. In any case, it is the individuals responsibility to maintain their physique, not yours to bleat on about it. Those more primitive cultures you are no doubt harking back to would be more likely to regard our larger physiques with respect and envy for our wealth.
(c) Were getting crustier. The stateshighways are littered with gigantic billboards plugging over-50s gated communities, featuring unlikely older couples emerging from the surf, forever fit, tanned and laughing, or squinting myopically from a deck into the salty middle distance.
Hit with the stupid stick here. How on earth does advertising using older people as a demographic illustrate us as crusty? Perhaps using a few examples of idiotic litigation encouraged by an activist judiciary would serve better.
And dont get me started about our wise and glorious leaders, or the outrageous liberties they take. Sydneys mob is the worst: what the hell happened to my old town? A city where the premier can close the Harbour Bridge for an entire morning so that a Formula One racing car driver from Queanbeyan can make a bunch of ads.For an obscene fee, too, I'll bet. I'm sure that if Midnight Oil had wanted to close the Bridge for a clip they would have been able to also. Most councils have fees in place for this sort ofthing.What about closing the Bridge down so a bunch of bleaters can walk across moaning about being sorry to the indigenous population? A city that forks out $300K to provide security for the worlds richest man, Steve Forbes, so he can hold a talkfest at the Opera House.[hahahah. And you wonder how he got rich? A city with a magazine - enigmatically entitled The Sydney Magazine - that uses more toxic, high-gloss lacquer on its front cover than there is in the collective quiffsthe word is coifs. Need I say more? Or am I being too pedantic? of every Elvis impersonator on Earth.

And another thing. It's hard to have any good old-fashioned fun any more. The litigious ogre of public liability has wrecked any chance of doing anything dangerous or spontaneous, or just for kicks. Better laugh loudly and drink deeply now, before they cut off another avenue of pleasure.again, all due to the doom and gloom merchants of the socialist left that you obviously support. Perhaps if people were encouraged to accept responsibility rather than handing it over to the State and expecting to be compensated for the silliest actions, there would be less of this litigation and more fun.

Sorry for the length, but this idiot makes me mad. I have never read such drivel from someone who has taken such advantage of what this Lucky Country has offered.
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Beautiful. Just beautiful!

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