Why must we always learn the hard way.

From Canada

On the eve of the Liberal leadership convention, the man charged with leading the party's renewal process has dropped a bombshell by questioning one of liberalism's key convictions -- that government actually works. In a hard-hitting policy paper obtained by the National Post, Tom Axworthy, a former top advisor to Pierre Trudeau, says there is an "implementation gap" between what Liberal governments promise and what they deliver.

"Liberalism's dirty secret [and it is not so secret these days] is that government doesn't seem to work well much of the time," he says, citing such examples as the 800,000 potential immigrants waiting for their applications to be processed; massive cost overruns at the gun registry; lengthy procurement delays for military equipment; poor water quality on aboriginal reserves; and the Jean Chretien Pledge to Africa Act, which promised to produce generic drugs to help fight AIDS but has yet to export a single pill.

On the lighter side, check this out from Townhall.com, it’s as funny as this from the asylum. Careful who you threaten, they might just call your bluff.

Dr. Adams,
Explain to me how George W. Bush was admitted to Harvard's Business School when he was a self described "C" student at Yale. Please add how you think this affects his psyche, being so clearly admitted on something other than his qualifications. I know you will not respond, because an honest engagement with affirmative action would take into account the privilege, mostly enjoyed by whites, that affirmative action was intended to address, and you avoid this matter all together in your column. I ask, again, how did the President get into Harvard's Business School with his grades? And, tell me, do you really believe that he is the only unqualified white man to have reaped the most sought after advantages our country has to offer?
Mark Jefferson

Mark: I assume you are black. Are you also, by chance, a homosexual?

Mike Adams [Previously Dr. Adams, getting a bit testy isn't he, Adams must have struck a chord]
Perhaps, you should have assumed that I am an attorney at a Manhattan firm with a lot of friends-- some who are conservatives. I will be in contact with your administrators. Thanks for placing your coded venom in an email format.
Mark Jefferson

Read the rest here,it's well worth the time.

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