Oblivious to shame

Last week I posted on how babies are becoming ‘burdens’ to the progressives in Europe. Well, have a look at this lot, via Hotair, unfortunately I think there are many in the western world who like them, have forgotten, become impotent and envious of those who have more back bone than them.
A serving Army officer was banned from entering Harrods on Remembrance Day in case his uniform upset other shoppers.

Lieutenant Daniel Lenherr had just taken part in a parade honouring Britain's war dead when the London department store turned him away at the door. The security guard told him other customers might be intimidated by the uniform.

The store has stood by their dress policy, saying: "There is a long-standing tradition at Harrods that would normally preclude customers who are wearing non-civilian attire from entering the store.
So I take it, if the British had resorted to meetings, tea and cupcakes when the Germans were blowing them to bits, this pompous lot would have asked the German soldiers converging in tanks to please change into more relaxing attire before they enter Harrods.
"A lot of people assume that somebody in uniform is either there on official duty, which could cause them alarm, or they assume they're a member of staff and ask them where the lavatories are and so on."
I’m surprised no one’s grabbed one of the Harrods management and taken them to the nearest lavatory to give them a ‘deep cleansing’ scalp exfoliation.

I’d have to assume this ban also extends to police officers, I wonder if it would be so strictly enforced if one of the tossbags at Harrods were being beaten by some ‘misunderstood’ crim, who incidentally did not get the memo about this being 2006 and outlining the new methods for conflict resolution and acquiring of another’s property.

The nuanced latte & biscotti crowd at Harrods need to hear the message, that their profession is guaranteed by the soldier, someone tell these fools it isn’t the lawyer brigade that brings them safety and security to trade.

Until these ungrateful curs reverse their ‘dress’ policy, I urge everyone to give Harrods the flick and shop elsewhere, such disdain should never be rewarded. Shame on you Harrods!

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