I think Chavez is a closet homo, honestly, this guy must be masturbating every night to fantasies of going horse riding, buck-naked with George Bush. How else can you explain it, every time we hear something from Chavez, George Bush is always mentioned, hasn’t anyone told this fool, we get it Chavez. Are you a moron or something, you don’t have to keep repeating it Chavez. Look, George don’t swing that way man, he’s married, two kids, just get over it, there are other cowboys out there you know, no means no, try the set of broke back mountain.
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Sunday assured hundreds of thousands of supporters he would win a victory in his Dec. 3 re-election try — a win he inferred would be a home run off the “devil,” a term he uses to refer to President George W. Bush.

A close ally of Cuban leader Fidel Castro, Chavez also said he would dedicate his win to Cuba, noting the Dec. 3 ballot will be the same weekend that Cuba celebrates the 50th anniversary of the landing of the yacht that carried Castro and his armed band to Cuba to launch a guerrilla war.
Maybe it’s because Castro’s ailing health means fewer “who’s you daddy” now!! Or perhaps he was mad at Dubya for petting those turkeys that were spared recently, and not him in his commie outfit. It’s that, or Chavez is paranoid that he has a smaller penis than George Bush. Either way, good heavens, what a freaking loser!!

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