So what do we do now?

I think it’s fair to say that disarming the population has achieved its real objective, disarming just the law-abiding population. Unfortunately for the stupid leftists, the criminals haven’t caught onto the new-age forms of helping yourself to another’s property.
ARMED robbery has rocketed in the inner city and inner western suburbs of Sydney in the past two years, new crime figures show.

Robbery with a firearm has increased by 50 per cent in inner Sydney and by 71 per cent in the city's inner west since October, 2004, according to the latest NSW crime statistics.

Blacktown, Canterbury and Bankstown all saw rises in unarmed robbery of more than 30 per cent.
Does this mean members of the public who so desire to protect themselves with fire-arms will be allowed to do so? For those struggling leftists, if armed robberies are increasing, that means the crims are not scared of the police anymore and the police can no longer protect the public from being robbed. Given that most robberies seem to happen at night, we cannot contact the civil liberties union and our lawyers to sprint to our rescue brandishing AVO’s and human rights publications.

So anyone willing to let the public do their own work, hell no, we want the nanny-state, that would mean the odd criminal scumbag might get shot, saving the tax payers thousands of dollars molly-coddling the scumbag for years, and that goes completely against leftist ideology.

No, what we will get is a bit of spin from our spineless leaders, something about trust the police while your getting raped and robbed, they are out there, inquiry, recommendations, blah blah, tough penalties, new laws. Ultimately robberies will go up and until more voters are actually getting robbed, bashed etc than not, nothing will be done.

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