spin, propaganda or unadulterated bollocks?

Kiwis record Pacific island sinking into sea
26 November 2006By GREG MEYLAN

New Zealand film makers are to document the last days of the tiny Polynesian island of Takuu before it slips beneath the waves.The island, 250km off Papua New Guinea, is home to 500 people and a unique culture - but its highest point is just 1m above sea level.Tectonic activity at the junction of the Pacific and Australian continental plates means the island is sinking 20cm a year. Its disappearance is being viewed as a dummy run for other low-lying Pacific islands, as sea levels rise due to global warming.

"viewed as"? viewed by whom? And wtf is this "dummy run" claptrap? The islands need practice before they slip beneath the waves?
And the line "as sea levels rise due to global warming" is laughable. The recorded sea level rises in the Pacific have been negligible since, oh, around 1920!
So these people will make a documentary which will--within a very short time--be used as "evidence" of the perilous state of the poor Pacific islanders, all due to selfish bastards like me burning huge amounts of fuel in my V8 Mercedes.
What a load of quasi-religous claptrap!

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