Working Families

Give any labor premier in Australia half a chance and he/she will drag in a pile of horse-crap about working families and how they are all for ‘working families’ and Howard’s new IR laws will hurt ‘working families’. Never mind the high court rejected the states and unions whining that the laws were unconstitutional, no that doesn’t matter to them. Like the AWB Aussie-wheat farmer-screw-over-to-get-Howard, the only fair outcome is one rigged in their favor. Now, they will organize a mass whinge in Sydney.
UP TO 500,000 people are expected to join rallies against the new industrial relations laws today, disrupting services such as transport, schools and hospitals. The State Government, which supports the protests, said it would dock the pay of public servants who attend rallies without using legitimate leave.
There will be more whinging in Melbourne.
Thousands of people have begun to arrive at Melbourne's MCG for a major union protest against the federal government's industrial reforms. The speakers include Victorian Premier Steve Bracks, federal Opposition Leader Kim Beazley, ACTU secretary Greg Combet and ACTU president Sharan Burrow. Singer Jimmy Barnes will sing his hit, "Working Class Man".
We’ve all seen the ads, cruel exploitative boss calling the woman at home, terrorizing her poor children, telling her to get to work or else. The poor worker who worked for decades, called into the boss’s office to sign the contract or else. Massive pay cuts, unfair dismissals for no reason, oh the horror Australia!!

This morning I heard about a Philip Higginson, chairman of TransGrid, owned by the NSW state government, currently run by the ‘working families’ Labor premier Morris Iemma. I know the story is a bit old, just in case some @#$%&@ pest lefty were to take issue with it. Since Higginson is a chairman, I suppose that doesn’t quite meet the standards of ‘working families’, he must have done something sinister to have become chairman to leftists.

Higginson was called into a meeting with NSW treasurer Michael Costa and Union Boss Bernie Riordan, was asked to do something he didn’t want to and he refused. He asked for 24 hours to think about it, 10 hours later he was called and fired, no reason given.
The Treasurer, Michael Costa, issued a statement yesterday, thanking Higginson for his service to TransGrid and explaining his removal only by saying it was "appropriate" to make changes to the board periodically.
Speaking of Michael Costa, has anyone heard from him since he became treasurer, it looks like he has pulled an Osama, only better, we don’t even get the odd video or garbled tape from Costa. He has just vanished, only to appear every now and then to terrorize workers.

The next time one of these parasites comes out to lecture us about their concern for ‘working families’, give me a moment to roll down the window or walk out the back to spit!!


Looks like it didn’t go as well as expected, far from the millions and millions of workers that the Howard junta feared.
Unions had hoped to fill the 100,000-capacity Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) for the largest of the rallies, but by 9.15am (AEDT) it appeared about half full.

Labor's industrial relations spokesman Stephen Smith, who was at the Melbourne rally this morning, said the MCG was about three-quarters full and two or three train lines were down, which did not help.
And who exactly is in charge of running the trains in Victoria Mr. Smith? Has that been outsourced to African pygmies, can we lay that at the door of John Howard, whoops, no we can’t, unfortunately we’ll have to ask ‘working families’ Premier Steve Bracks that uncomfortable question.

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