When Ignorance becomes dangerous

Ignorance is bliss, simply because it’s easy to be ignorant, no one has to work to be uninformed, unaware and unconcerned. Every so often when we choose to ignore, forget and vote in lazy politicians and when it becomes all too hard, we get bitten in the bum.
RESIDENTS of an upmarket Mosman street expressed shock after a local was seriously wounded in a fight with a group of men, one of them carrying a gun. Neighbours of the man said they were shocked their suburb had become the scene of a violent crime.

"This is Mosman," said one man. "I can't believe this has happened here." Thea McArthur, who lives around the corner from the scene of the assault, said other residents had complained to the police about suspected drug dealing originating from the house.
I wonder if anyone else in Sydney is similarly shocked, if so then read the papers on a Monday morning people, even during the week and you will see. Someone bashed, someone robbed, guns, knives, swearing, rioting, drugs, bullets. It’s not just some problem somewhere else; you can’t throw some money at it and hope it stays in some alley on the other side of town. Recently we saw police raiding nightclubs with sniffer dogs and found the places were rife with drugs of all kinds. Just yesterday a dance party in Sydney was raided netting ecstasy, cocaine etc, and that is probably just the tip of the iceberg. Sooner or later it will come to you as well.

To add alcohol to the scourge of drugs, we always take the soft option, soft punishments, needle exchange programs, harm-minimization, no point telling the young ones about staying away from drugs and alcohol, won’t punish them, all too hard, they’ll do it anyway, so better to help them after they are stuffed!!
AN estimated 27,000 teenagers have swarmed the Gold Coast to join schoolies celebrations that have been marked by heavy violence and more drinking than ever before.

It also came as the Queensland Government faced criticism for allowing the open sale of drug paraphernalia at chemists offering "schoolies week specials" on bongs and the $20 glass pipes used to take the drug ice.

Supt Keogh said toolies were crashing the school-leavers' party in record numbers despite being told to stay away. The schoolies themselves had been drunker than ever. He said the levels of intoxication in some cases have been extreme and criticised parents for supplying their children with high-alcohol drinks.

Last week, police were surprised to learn parents had also been restocking schoolies' fridges mid-week. "Disturbingly, it's high-level alcohol -- its not low-level alcohol drinks," Supt Keogh said.
We don’t want to be parents anymore, children are just small adults you know, in these new times we want to be their friends, and friends don’t boss each other, friends are not judgemental, we are there just to re-stock and re-supply, after all if we don’t, then someone else will. And speaking of that someone else.
CRIME gangs manufacturing the dangerous party drug "ice" are smuggling in large quantities of the main ingredient - cold and flu tablets - from south-east Asia. The growing trend has alarmed Australian Customs, which has seized 24kg of the drugs - worth up to $31 million on the street - from travellers' luggage and postal packages in the past six months.
Just so you know, drug syndicates are not charity organizations, they are not here to help children’s self-esteem, they aren’t big on you or your child’s future, they play a more parasitical role in society, you give they take, you give some more, they take some more and when you’re all out of ‘give’, they are hard to find, you and/or your family is left to clean up the mess.

They are not increasing their production of drugs, because they are bored, Australia is not supplying others with this poison, there is obviously a market for ‘ice’ here and alarmingly it is growing.

Time to say no to schoolies, no to rave parties, no to dance parties, cut back on the boozing etc, time to become hard bastards as parents, for our ignorance is costing our children and ruining their future.

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