Will the left lose us the West?

The response of "gathera" in comments to the post "Olmert Surrenders" (Crusader Rabbit) got me to thinking....

Again and again I hear that since fighting islamists hasn't produced peace, perhaps it's time to try something different.
Like what?
It took six years of bloody fighting--with a death toll in the hundreds of thousands--to defeat the Nazis. Fighting that included massive bombing of cities which levelled Hamburg and Dresden.
The people who claim that fighting islamists isn't working ignore the facts. We're fighting them with a fraction of the West's true power, hamstrung by absurd and unrealistic rules of engagement and by a hostile media. A media which carps and complains about a few prisoners being harassed (Abu Ghraib) as though that somehow makes us the equivalent of filth who saw off heads for the video cameras, who routinely murder women and children, who use civilians as human shields in order to go about their loathsome work.
The ones responsible for this amazing moral imbalance are the leftists who refuse to look evil in the eye (which would, admittedly be difficult since these soft-skinned cowards are safely ensconced in the West, enjoying the comforts and the security they haven't worked for) and to admit that there is such a thing as a cause worth fighting for, a cause which is central to the preservation of our civilisation.
These people are the cause the the West's loss of confidence and at the same the most vocal critics of our only party effectual efforts to fight radical islam. Like carping, pouting sulky teenagers they want the best of both worlds without having to make any real effort.

If we lose this war--and it's very possible that we will--then every one of you cowardly, mealy-mouthed moral midgets on the left will have the blood of innocent people on your hands. Not that I expect that to bother you bastards a whole lot. After all, you have the blood of a million or two on your hands already. Vietnam. Cambodia. The U.S.S.R. and so on. And on. and on.......
There'll be one small consolation if that happens though. This time, you will also be the ones going into that long night and your fucking latte's on a Saturday morning and your self-congratulatory morally superior horsecrap will be cut off at the neck.
I'll die with the smell of cordite in my nostrils. You lot will die with nothing but the stink of moral decay and cowardice in yours.

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