The success of Anders Behring Breivik

It looks like Anders Behring Breivik may have achieved his goal. We see already in the media (e.g. here) a recognition that failure to hold full and fair discussions of immigration issues has been a mistake and some view that more openness might have prevented the massacre

For many years, the USA, Australia, Britain, Norway and many other advanced countries were perfectly at ease with immigration but when some groups started arriving that caused problems for the existing population, the public rightly expected their governments to do something about it. But governments instead tried to suppress debate about the issues concerned. One result of that policy is Anders Behring Breivik -- and his clear and very loud message that the Leftist elite have got it wrong. He killed nearly 90 of their children.

He will go to one of Norway's humane jails for 10 years and make many converts whilst there. To be in a Norwegian jail you have to have shown considerable disrespect for society's rules and most probably an inclination to violence. So as his fellow prisoners complete their terms and get out of jail we could well see a stream of deaths among the children of pro-immigration politicians.

So if the recent massacre has not done so it seems highly likely that some crackdown on the menace that Muslims pose to Norwegian society will eventually be initiated. I am confident that the Norwegian police could rapidly curb Muslim lawnessness once given the go-ahead by the politicians.

One of many reports here about the mayhem Muslim "refugees" have inflicted on Norwegian society.

And it does seem that the more permissive and "progressive" a country is, the worse the Muslim behaviour becomes. So that a reaction against those who foster Muslim immigration should come from one of the Scandinavian countries was in retrospect to be expected. Muslim aggression against the rest of the population certainly seems to be at a peak in Norway and Sweden. And Viking ancestry probably helped Breivik along too. The Vikings were not notable humanitarians.

I have read or skimmed most of Breivik's manifesto and find it exceptionally rational and well-informed. His extensive survey of Muslim history is a horror story but is to my knowledge perfectly accurate. I get the impression that his lengthy exploration of the horrors that Muslims have inflicted on others may have been the spark that spurred him into action.

And the action that he took also follows easily from a close study of Muslims. Violence and threats of violence have served Muslims in Western countries very well in recent years. It was surely inevitable that some non-Muslims would learn from that.

And Breivik's one/two punch -- a bomb in the city centre followed by an attack on an outlying island -- was pure Al Qaida


  1. If his goal was to "out" the evil and the sick-minded among us, then he did succeed - just look at you. Otherwise no "goals" were achieved with this terribly misguided action.

  2. Toaf is up to his usual standard of intellectual profundity

  3. I quote evidence and Mr Anonymous replies with assertions. Very Leftist.

  4. ah, you assume I am a male? Wrong. "he will go to 1 of Norway's humane jails for 10 years and make many converts whilst there." You sure have a strange idea of what evidence is. Sick - and dumb too.

  5. "the more permissive and 'progressive' a country is, the worse the Muslim behaviour becomes.." ah, more evidence, I assume? Where did you get your legal training, exactly?

  6. where are you, doctor? where'd you go? I am not a "leftist". I appreciate only truth, even when it's inconvenient. I will listen to reason but not bullshit. So, speaking of evidence - you're the guy to ask this: what evidence is there that Muslims want to take over Europe? Has any Muslim actually mentioned this? If so, who? and when? I want to get these people fingered & out in the open, just as much as you do. So, out with it - please. I'll check back periodically to see if you actually have any evidence and if you do, I am going to follow up because Muslims taking over Europe is a very serious thing.

  7. Just as I thought. You jackass.

  8. "I have read or skimmed most of Breivik's manifesto and find it exceptionally rational and well-informed".
    I've read it also, and it is a hate-filled rewriting of history.
    It has an uncanny resemblance to much of the intellectual poison posted here.

  9. The manifesto is completely indistinguishable from this blog or any of Ray's rants on Marxists or Muslims, so it's no wonder Ray agrees with him.

    It is intellectually weak to blame Muslims for this tragedy, so I will point the finger at those responsible: nationalist, racist bloggers like former Nazi party member Dr. John Ray who whip up anti-Muslim hysteria.

  10. Your racist, xenophobic views on this issue are sickening and insensitive. You're entitled to your opinions but it's a shame that you're unable to embrace and celebrate cultural diversity. History has shown that the most successful, flourishing societies did just that. Other fundamentalist nationalistic societies convinced themselves they were successful, but proved to be self-serving dictatorships run by thugs and bullies.

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  12. I don't really understand how it is you label yourself "libertarian". Your blog is heaving under the weight of its collectivist rhetoric.

    I'm not even convinced you're particularly conservative. You're just anti-left. That's fair enough. But your views are fall far short of libertarian.

  13. The article I linked to showed diverse people suggesting that the muzzled debate over immigrants was partly to blame for the massacre.

    I simply agreed with that

    And if you think I wrote sympathetically of Breivik when I compared him to an Al Qaida operative, your views are far stranger than anything I have written

    Radicalization of jail inmates is a common phenomemon -- There is the Aryan nation in US jails and the Muslim converts in UK jails

    Libertarian conservatives are not libertarians. They are conservatives who find some libertarian analyses helpful

    I am amused by the number of anonymous posts above. Just one repetitious person without the guts to name themselves?

  14. Norway's penal code (Straffeloven, section 135 a) prohibits "hate speech" and defines it as publicly making statements that threaten or ridicule someone or that incite hatred, persecution or contempt for someone due to their skin colour, ethnic origin, homosexual life style or orientation or, religion or philosophy of life. So criticism of Muslims is illegal.

  15. Ray - are you concerned that, unlike yourself, the vast majority of right wing extremists (perhaps extremists of all colours?) seem to lack a reasonable level of tertiary education?

    Certainly Breivik appears to have been 'self taught' from junior high school in a country that has a very high level of literacy and tertiaty participation.

    This seems to be a trait in common with a number of right wingers who perform violent crimes against a 'society that has gone down the wrong path'. Examples I can think of without researching too much incude Timothy McVeigh,

    Do you see a link between advanced (tertiary + +) education in western countries and tendencies towards 'leftist' views?

    If so, how are broader democratic institutions in those countries adversely affected by these views (if they are) and why would ostensibly conservative governments tolerate the presence of left-dominated academics in our public universities?

    Being a retired humanities academic (i.e you have no axe to grind) you are in a credible position to comment.

    Sorry - a lot of assumptions in the questions, but I'm time poor so I brain-dumped! : )


  16. Rubbish John. What you're saying is that Muslim immigration is at fault for causing a member of the extreme right-wing commit acts of terrorism, which is like saying the west is at fault for causing Islamic terrorism.

    The only difference in the cause of Islamic terrorism you aren't suggesting we give in to those terrorists, which is what you seem to be suggesting here.

  17. aconservativemindedstudentAugust 22, 2011 at 5:44 PM

    Hit the nail on the head with article JR... I only stumbled upon your blog but it's great to read your thought's on Breivik, and specifically the reasons that have lead him to that position on multiculturalism and Islam in the West.

    They are views that I myself hold, although I deplore the violence in which he spread his message. And certainly, his targeting of the 'enablers' of multiculturalism mirrors Osama's targeting of the US 'enablers' of corrupt autocratic rule in Arab countries.

    I truly believe that reasoning behind Breivik's actions will become more clear to the people's of Europe as the problems that the elites have sought to downplay become more salient. Especially when viewed in light of the current economic uncertainty many European countries find themselves in. Added to that the troubles with the EU and the Euro and the growing chorus of Eurosceptics makes for an interesting future.

    I eagerly await my next opportunity to take a 'Islam in Europe' course at uni to further explore this issue. Although judging from some of the readings I have glossed over, it would appear that Islam was nothing but a benevolent force in Europe's past. Oh dear.


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