Is Canada about to prosecute hate speech from Muslims?

I thought Muslims could do no wrong there -- and I may be right yet. The queston is who trumps whom: Muslims or homosexuals? So difficult when you have TWO privileged groups to defend! Wouldn't is be simpler to have everyone equal before the law?
Ontario's attorney general says he's looking into a complaint that a religious scholar told a Toronto gathering that homosexuals caught in the act should be executed under Islamic law.

Attorney General Chris Bentley says there is no place for hate speech against any group in Ontario -- including the LGBTQ community.

Bentley says he has referred the issue to the province's chief prosecutor and Toronto police, and they will decide if any charges should be laid.


If a Christian had said the same there would be no problem, of course: Big fine straight away! Ask Stephen Boissoin. And Pastor Boissoin wasn't advocating the killing of homosexuals -- unlike the Muslim guy.

Though Boissoin did get off eventually by appealing to his Province's highest court. No word on his legal costs but it would probably have been cheaper to pay the fine. So he still got penalized anyway.

A central reason why Boissoin eventually got off was because he did NOT "call for discriminatory practices". That would not apply to the Muslim guy.

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