Must not criticize MLK

It's no mystery that Martin Luther King had his weaknesses. He was a womanizer, plagiarist etc. But mentioning any of those facts is "hate speech"
District Six [Colorado] Board of Education Director Brett Reese and others were branded for supposed hate speech by a George Soros funded group that identifies itself as being dedicated to "keeping an eye on the radical right."

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) listed Reese at number three on a list of individuals, for its summer edition of "Hate in the Mainstream" a compilation of quotes from conservative politicians and activists. Reese was the only individual on the list that was not quoted directly.

The SPLC referenced a letter from a listener that Reese read on the radio, as he had done for the past three years prior to the Martin Luther King holiday. Not one critic of Reese has ever denied the allegations leveled at King in the letter.

The SPLC "Hate in the Mainstream" report did not include any quotes from Muslim leaders, even though many of their quotes are far more extreme and hateful than those in the letter read by Reese.


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