Women enraged over content of 'degrading' billboard advertisement

Brisbane, Australia:
"A billboard advertising power tools demeans women say its critics. The billboard at the intersection of Beaudesert and Riawena roads, Coopers Plains, is an advertisement for The Tool Shop and depicts three women holding power tools alongside the wording "Imagine all 3 at once? We can ..."

Minister for Women Karen Struthers said the wording was an explicit sexual reference that degrades women.

The Tool Shop's business development manager Esala Roqica defended the ad. "We didn't think the women in our billboard were dressed provocatively at all," he said. "With the words in the ad that's what we were going for, that we don't just have one range of tools, we have tools for everyone."

So far less than five complaints have been lodged with the Advertising Standards Bureau. A spokeswoman said the board would make a decision on the advertisement this week.


These appear to be Leftist women complaining. Struthers is a minister in a Leftist government. Are these the same people who think marriage of one woman with one man is obsolete? If so what is their objection to threesomes? Just the usual Leftist hypocrisy, I guess.

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  1. Ah, but they're objecting to foursomes! So, no hypocrisy, there. ;)


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