Iranian junior footballer called a n*gger

"Two junior football clubs are headed to a tribunal hearing tonight after an 11-year-old boy was allegedly racially abused during a match near Geelong.

Ronen Jafari's stepmother, Lucy, said he was crying and red-faced when she went to pick him up after a game between the Portarlington Demons and Drysdale Gold at Portarlington on July 2. The Portarlington under 12s player had allegedly been called a n----- by another junior player.

Ronen's Iranian father Ben said he had wanted and expected an apology from the player who abused his son but after failed mediation attempts the matter was now going to the tribunal.

Mr Jafari said he had not wanted to take the matter to the tribunal but he believed the player and the boys' teammates should know what was said was wrong. "He's a child, he doesn't understand maybe ... but at least he should be told that what he's done is not right," Mr Jafari said.


It's just kid talk, of course. Iranians are not even dark-skinned. I was called some bad names when I was a schoolkid but I had enough backbone to ignore it. But the precious little Muslim kid above obviously did not.

If the case does go to a tribunal, the Iranian father might discover a difficulty: The High Court of Australia ruled just a few years ago the the n-word is not offensive in Australia.


  1. The shame about this story is that the boy accused, in fact was standing up for Ronen, saying that 'you can't call him a n-----' to whomever it was that actually said it. This 'hero' who stood up for Ronen is now being persecuted by the public and dragged through the media. The way that this incident has been managed at this junior football level is not good...these 'volunteers' are not trained to deal with this type of thing. There should be someone appointed to the local footballs leagues who is trained to deal with it. These youngsters can both be scarred for life the way this has been treated, especially at their tender ages. How do you explain to a 'child' who stood up for someone else and told the truth about it that they did the right thing and should do it in the future when the media and the public treat him like this?

  2. I would like to comment and say as Ronen"s mother that Ronen is not a precious muslim kid.His heritage is Iranian,Indian and Australian.The n-word maybe seen as not offensive in the high court but it's context is very upsetting for an 11 year old boy.
    In todays society it's not acceptable for children to speak like this, we should be nipping it in the bud at a young age but when it comes down to it it's up to the parents to teach the children about multi-culturalism.


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