Criticizing lawyers is hate speech?

We read:
"When you criticize lawyers or the legal system, thin-skinned lawyers get indignant. The head of the State Bar of California, Harvey Saferstein, called for a crackdown on jokes at lawyers’ expense: “Comparing jokes against attorneys to hate speech against African-Americans and women, Saferstein said he favors classifying such comments as hate crimes.”

Saferstein, a leading liberal lawyer, said that “Crimes against attorneys should rate special penalties — similar to crimes against police, judges and political officeholders — because lawyers are representatives of the court and their work is essential to the country’s justice system.”



  1. With all that "justice system", it's amazing that there is so little justice. Or, is would be amazing, if one didn't know that the point is the system, not justice.

  2. It used to be that the "law" and its outcomes bore some relevance to the truth of matters examined. It is not so nowdays. Things have changed. 'Why is it so'. To even suggest a likely answer and the codified religious mindset of its adherents that perhaps leads the way by example, will provoke all sorts of regurgitations with regards to "Anti-this" and "Thathater". So self censorship is the safest mechanism for all concerned and can only make society better, even if building a society on foundations of lies will enevitably lead to its certain demise. Will it be in your kids generation or the next ? Who particularly cares anymore.

  3. One can assess the mood of the people, with the kind of comments,jokes they make about lawyers and Legal system.


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