More Leftist hate speech

OK to put up artwork associating Republican governors with Nazism but just try putting up artwork that associates Obama with Nazism and see what happens!
A new exhibit at a Michigan city art gallery features a provocative piece that depicts four Republican governors beneath the Nazi party symbol. Despite complaints, the work will remain on display.

Titled “The Faces of American Fascism,” the poster has pictures of Ohio Gov. John Kasich, Wis. Gov. Scott Walker, Mich. Gov. Rick Snyder and Fla. Gov. Rick Scott under the national insignia of Nazi Germany. The symbol of the Republican Party is encircled in the wreath under the eagle instead of a swastika.

Written in the middle of the poster are the words, “Anti union,” “anti worker,” “anti woman,” “anti elderly” and “anti poor.” At the bottom, it charges viewers to “Rise up! Demand a recall” next to an image of a closed fist. [Fitting. The closed fist is the Communist symbol]

Marquette Assistant City Manager Karl Zueger, who oversees the center, acknowledged the piece was “questionable” but said it did not violate the city’s standards for being obscene, sexually explicit, having elements of racism or inciting violence. “We didn’t see that it met any one of those tenets,” Zueger said in an interview with The Blaze. [Demands accompanied by a closed fist are not inciting violence??]

But Marquette County Republican Party Chair Dan Adamini said his organization is not calling for the piece’s removal, but instead wants to ensure a “mistake like this could never happen again.” I’m calling into question the judgment of the people [who approved the work],” Adamini said. “This is clearly not art, this is hate speech and a call to political action.”


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