Canadian government now policing sermons

We read:
"In Canada, a Christian television show was reinstated in December 2010 after being taken off the air in response to the host’s comments about homosexuality. Although Word TV is back on the air, the Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council is now prescreening and censoring its content.

“We spoke against a new proposed sex education curriculum that would teach gender identity, six genders, and sexual orientation to our children,” explained Dr. Charles McVety, president of Canada Christian College and host of the show.

McVety also spoke against a $400,000 Canadian government grant for a homosexual pride parade, which the government ultimately withdrew because of nudity and other illegal behavior.

The CBSC afforded McVety no hearing, ruling that he had breached the code of ethics. In reference to his comments criticizing the parade, the council ruled that the preacher used the term “sex parade” in a derogatory way during a sermon.

During a sermon? The Canadian government is now in the business of policing what is said in pulpits?

“The criminal code says the people in the parade should be prosecuted,” notes McVety. “But somehow, I am the one prosecuted for speaking against this.”

McVety was told if he commits further “offenses,” he will be permanently taken off the air in Canada. He must censor himself or else.


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  1. I read and commented on the original article that is referenced here. My comments were removed by the blog monitor.

    All I did was to correct some mis-statements of fact with regards to Charles McVety. The article stated that the Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council (CBSC) was pre-screening and censoring his show. This is not true. All the CBSC did was censure (not censor) the broadcaster for violations of their code of conduct and ethics, a code that was developed by the broadcasters; the entire process is voluntary.

    The article stated that he was censored because of his statements about homosexuality, the Pride parade, same sex marriage and school curriculum. The truth is, the CBSC ruling supported his right to broadcast his opinions on these subjects. Where his statements violated the code was when he used lies and mis-statements of fact to support these opinions.

    The article also claimed that he was not allowed a hearing before the CBSC. This is true, but the CBSC is a member association of broadcasters. McVety is not a member, the station where his show was broadcast is the member. It was the station that the ruling was applied against. It was the station that decided to pre-screen his shows, not the CBSC. All private broadcasters have the right to decide what to air.

    It is a sad state when it is considered a violation of free speech when a broadcaster removes a show from the air because its host refuses to abide by the station's code of conduct, but it is acceptable for a blog monitor to remove a comment that corrects factual errors simply because the facts cast doubt on the published article.


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