Support The Troops

From GOPbloggers comes the stomach turning story of how the University of Oregon has banned any Support the Troops displays.

"UNIVERSITY BANS SUPPORT FOR THE TROOPS: A truly disgusting policy is being carried out at the University of Oregon.

Magnetic Yellow Ribbons that say "Support The Troops" have been surreptitiously banned by the administration at the University of Oregon.

The origin of the policy was a complaint from a fellow employee and the claim was that the sticker was in fact a "political statement". "

I'm sure we all remember the hollow words coming from the left about how even though they don't support the war they still support the troops. I guess this blows that statement out of the water, unless those of the left that truly meant those words stand up with the rest of us in protest over this stupid abuse of power.

Supporting the men and women that serve and protect our nation is not a political statement, however banning that support is.

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