Responsibility-free zone

I'd be truly appalled if this actually went anywhere. Surely even Californians have standards:
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A Southern California man has sued MGM Mirage for preying on his gambling addiction and inducing him to borrow and lose millions of dollars at its Las Vegas casinos.

The suit was filed on Monday in a Los Angeles U.S. District Court by Shibley Horaney, a resident of Newport Beach, California, who says that since 1995 he has lost and paid back about $4 million on credit provided to him by the MGM Grand and $1 million on credit from The Mirage casino.

In 2003, he borrowed and lost another $475,000, which the casinos are still seeking to collect.

Alan Feldman, a spokesman for MGM Mirage, declined to comment specifically on Horaney's suit, but said similar lawsuits in the past have been shown to have no merit.

"There are lots of cases where people make their own decisions and choices then turn around and sue the casino," he said.

The suit alleges that MGM contacted Horaney over the phone and by mail over a period of at least nine years, offering to provide free transpiration and hotel rooms as well as lines of credit to gamble at the casinos.

The lawsuit argues that California law bars such predatory conduct and does not allow collection of gambling losses.
There's a fellow who isn't afraid to completely debase himself as a man. I'm sorry, but there's simply no debate. If you bet, you lose, and have no-one to blame but yourself.

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