Modern Pakistan

There's a contradiction in terms. They come across looking so civilized when they're playing cricket, but in reality, the place is just one step away from Taliban-level barbarity.

Don't believe me? Consider this. A female doctor is viciously gang raped. The reaction of the tribal jirga? (local council) Arrest the perpetrators? Hell no.

Kill the victim. She's now impure, you see, and as such, she's a blight on the community:
PESHAWAR: A tribal jirga in Sindh has decided to kill a woman doctor who was allegedly gang raped in Sui to restore the “lost honour” of her tribe, a Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) official told a press conference on Wednesday. PMA President Dr Umer Ayub said the husband and in-laws of the doctor had told him of the jirga or local council’s decision in Gumbat Khairpur. He demanded the members of the jirga be arrested, and the alleged rapists of the doctor be hanged at Minar-e-Pakistan to deter such crimes. He criticised the federal interior minister for not visiting the woman doctor and her family. He also slammed the NWFP Assembly for not condemning the alleged rape.
The Indians never should have permitted these Islamist savages to rule themselves. It's obvious that they aren't capable of it.

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