Paul Mcgeough

People, what's with this fellow, last I heard about him was maybe 6 months ago, or was it a year. Last night I heard him reporting from Baghdad on the SBS evening news, I was truly surprised to see his name, I had to blink a few times to make sure I'm not seeing things.

The last I heard anything regarding Paul was when he was running out of Iraq, screaming hysterically that Iyad Allawi had executed some insurgents in cold blood and the Americans were there and something about Human Rights, fair trial etc. Then he fled the country saying he feared for his life, flak jacket and all, that Allawi's henchmen would be out to get him and the Americans were also closing in on Paul, all very conspiratorial, kind of like he was escaping from east berlin with the secret police hot on his heels.

Nothing ever came of it, Allawi like the Americans was unaware and oblivious to these rantings.

Since his daring escape, Iraq has not been taken over by old Europe and the UN or something, Allawi and his American goons/henchmen with silenced weapons are still there. But he's back in Iraq, bravely bringing us the 'truth'.

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