Message from The Islamic Jihad Army

Those terrorists in Iraq, the Islamic Jihad Army, have released this propaganda video in English, viewable at the Hamas website.


1. The very fact that Hamas has this on their website is a testament to the nexus between the terror organizations. The terror against coalition troops and foreigners in Iraq is the same terror we are facing in Israel.

2. The background music of this video seems more fitting to some documentary about England.

3. So too does the accent of the speaker. Or perhaps that is an Irish accent, which would perhaps be indicative of IRA involvement? (which would not be at all far-fetched).

4. There are some real "doozy" quotes in there, but my personal favorite is: "Put an end to Zionism, before it ends the world."

I also like the section where they explain that they will protect any coalition troops who decide to put down their arms and seek refuge from tyranny, and how they will get these troops out of Iraq "as we have done with a few others before you." I am assuming they mean him, and her.

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