Lefty Lunacy Alert

Mr Lefty's head hurts.

But I suppose it often does, when faced with a serious moral question, even one that he himself is not faced with, but instead a foreign population that has been oppressed for decades, and has only just now experienced a free and fair election with an extremely high participation rate.

But Mr Lefty's not happy, as I said. Let's see what he's glum about, boys and girls:
I have to say, it would have been a pretty tough call deciding what to do in Iraq last weekend, if you were an Iraqi.

On the one hand - bonus! Elections! A first step out of an eternity of being ruled by brutal dictators.

On the other hand - well, it's not really much of an election. You don't know the names of many of the candidates, let alone what they actually stand for. And whoever gets in isn't actually going to be in charge of Iraq, anyway - the US will still be making all the tough decisions (which US multinational should be in charge of this aspect of Iraq?).

And then, there's a big chance of dying in order to exercise what is really not much of a choice.

So - risk dying for the symbolism of supporting the idea of democracy, even if it isn't the reality... or just take the pragmatic self-preserving option of waiting until there actually is a democracy worth voting for?

As I said, tough call.
It's all a sham, I say so based upon no supporting evidence whatsoever, so all Iraqis should blow their brains out in despair, because it's all too hard, there aren't enough rainbows, Howard was re-elected along with the Chimp, and hard drugs are still illegal.

Go over to Mr Lefty's site and give him a hug. While you're doing that, I'll sneak up behind him and stick a needle filled with Thorazine in his butt.

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