Deep Democratic Thoughts From Democratic Underground

Yes, these really are quotes. No, the people making them aren't really human.

* On the civilian-head-loppers for God:
I can't help but view them that way when I know the horrors that they're fighting against. They're not perfect--a resistance never is--but they're fighting against people who have pillaged their country, established a puppet government, and will most definitely steal their country's natural resources for years to come. They're fighting for the right side in this batte(sic), as much as it hurts to say that as an American.

We have to stand up for what's right, regardless of what other people think, and regardless of the cost. Compromise is what has led us to this point with the Chimp in control. We can't back down. The more we back down--and the more we applaud at all what they do there--the more they will take from us.
Yeah, stand up for those innocent Jihadists! They're the victims here, after all.

* On the integrity of the democratic process in Iraq:
And I guess you really buy that this whole thing is about democracy?

Argue one way this isn't classic colonism?(sic)
I personally wouldn't go that far. I'd hold back at classic liver or kidneyism.

* On the selfless actions of American servicepeople, giving up their jobs, time with their families (and often their lives) for a free Iraq:
Such fucking bullshit. Meanwhile, a neighbor of mine left for Iraq this morning, no doubt to spread as much "freedum" as possible before he's gunned down.
No high-handed sneering there.

* On the high Iraqi voter turnout that leftist commentators assured us wouldn't occur:
I wonder if the high numbers are just Allawi and Chimp spin? Anyone see any non-US sources reporting numbers different than the American media has been talking about?
I have. Is Canada still not sufficiently non-American? Try Turkey.

* On what it's like to be stupid, disillusioned and vaguely treacherous:
All the media keeps talking about is how happy the Iraqis are, how high turnout was, and how "freedom" has spread to Iraq. I had to turn off CNN because they kept focusing on the so-called "voters" and barely mentioned the resistance movements at all. Where are the freedom fighters today? Are their voices silenced because some American puppets cast a few ballots?

I can't believe the Iraqis are buying into this "democracy" bullshit. They have to know that the Americans don't want them to have power, because they know that Bush is in this for the oil, and now that he finally has it he's not going to let it go. This election is a charade. The fact is that the Iraqis have suffered during the past two years more than any people on earth at the hands of the American gestapo. Maybe they're afraid and felt they had to vote. That's the only way I can explain it to myself.
If there were any justice in this world whatsoever, this fucking jerk would have died in the gas chambers of Auschwitz or Dachau, instead of some insightful Jewish person who might have otherwise elucidated for him the real differences between US soldiers and members of Himmler's secret police.

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