Moves Afoot

A Western Heart has been recruiting behind the scenes, and we've already enrolled a breathtaking lineup of raw, earthshaking blog talent (I sould like an ad for WWF Wrestling, I know).

From Australia there's fearsome new blogtalent Leigh Cartwright. I've been fortunate enough to follow his development over time, and it's been worth it. Leigh isn't just a blogger. He's far more than that, and it comes across in his writing. He's twice as passionate as any peace-molesting tree-embracing mushroom-gathering ecologist, only he's actually passionate about the right things. He also has balls. Big ones. He doesn't just write about what he believes, he defends it. Where there is a gathering of stupid feral people, he's there, and all the while telling them: "Hey, you know, you're kinda feral and stupid."

Also from Australia is Steve Edwards. Besides being perhaps the most erudite blogger in this country, he also currently holds claim to the Guinness record for the slowest typing up of a profile that Mike can use to put on the goddamned site, in the world. It's quite a feat.

At long last, we have another UK correspondent, so Monica won't have to look quite so lonely on the profile list. Scott Campbell is in a class of his own. He's contributed to professional publications since before he was born, telepathically using his mother like one of those alien creatures that... well... like to use our bodies... 'n stuff.

And at even longer last, is Len Kutchma. The man's magnificent. Defiantly living the life of a conservative in liberal-held Canada, I feel a close kinship with this man that has little or nothing to do with the fact that now, finally, I'll only have to endure about 50% of the cruel moustache jokes that are callously flung at me. Len, heroically hurling yourself before me is an act of unprecedented magnificence, and by golly, I'm not aboot to forget it, aye?

Mean imitations of Canadian accents aside, these are all good people, and great bloggers. So be nice to them, or Sherry will get you.

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