Dhimmi reports gaily on increased Euro-Dhimmitude

This is getting absurd. How long are these blinkered lefty morons going to keep bowing toward Mecca?
Van Gogh festival film withdrawn

Murdered director Theo van Gogh's controversial film Submission has been pulled from the Rotterdam Film Festival because of security fears.

It was one of three of his works to be shown as part of a freedom of expression event in tribute to the late film-maker's life.

The film is critical of the treatment of women under Islam. Its TV screening is thought to have led to his murder.

The 10-day Dutch festival begins on Wednesday.

Submission was made with liberal Somali-Dutch politician Ayaan Hirsi Ali and was due to be shown on 30 January.

Van Gogh was shot and stabbed to death in November 2004 several months after receiving death threats following Submission's first broadcast on Dutch television.

Two of Van Gogh's other films will be shown as planned, including the theatrical world premiere of his last feature 06/05.
What's next? The banning of all foods that Muslims cannot eat? Or how about alcohol (oops, I forgot that Islamists are a bunch of drunken hypocrites who generally ignore Allah's will on that particular topic) or women's clothing? Really, where is the line to be drawn? If one thing isn't going to be shown for fear of either harming Muslim sensitivities, or provoking them into (yet another) bloodbath for God, then why don't we all just fucking well get it over with, slap our women into Burkhas, scrap all of our terribly inferior and offensive westernization, and become good little believers?

And get a load of the way the BBC correspondent dances around the crux of the story. No analysis whatsoever. This was supposedly a series of films shown as a tribute to Van Gogh, and the Krauts left out the film that got him killed. Relevance aside, just from reading that Beeb article, you'd never know that the murder was in any way connected with Submission, aside from the painfully vague allusion to a connection between his murder and death threats regarding the film.

His Muslim murderers aren't mentioned, and neither are the Muslims who are the cause for German celluloid trepidation.

Pathetic. If this keeps up, we deserve to be conquered.

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