Brace yourself for the leftist condemnation

IHT - A compulsory national register for the owners of all 72m mobile phones in Britain would be part of a much bigger database to combat terrorism and crime. Whitehall officials have raised the idea of a register containing the names and addresses of everyone who buys a phone in recent talks with Vodafone and other telephone companies, insiders say. The move is targeted at monitoring the owners of Britain’s estimated 40m prepaid mobile phones. They can be purchased with cash by customers who do not wish to give their names, addresses or credit card details.

IHT - To be a practicing Muslim in the vast autonomous region of northwestern China called Xinjiang is to live under an intricate series of laws and regulations intended to control the spread and practice of Islam, the predominant religion among the Uighurs, a Turkic people uneasy with Chinese rule. The edicts touch on every facet of a Muslim's way of life. Official versions of the Koran are the only legal ones. Imams may not teach the Koran in private, and studying Arabic is allowed only at special government schools. Two of Islam's five pillars — the sacred fasting month of Ramadan and the pilgrimage to Mecca called the hajj — are also carefully controlled. Students and government workers are compelled to eat during Ramadan, and the passports of Uighurs have been confiscated across Xinjiang to force them to join government-run hajj tours rather than travel illegally to Mecca on their own.

IHT - Pakistan said China will help build two more nuclear power plants in the energy-starved Muslim nation, tightening its bonds with Beijing as rising militant violence strains its anti-terror alliance with the United States. The nuclear agreement was among a dozen economic cooperation accords signed during President Asif Ali Zardari's recent visit to Beijing, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said Saturday. While Qureshi gave few details, enhanced cooperation with China will likely help ease Pakistan's resentment of a recent deal allowing U.S. businesses to sell nuclear fuel, technology and reactors to neighboring archrival India.

MK - Incidentally, the recent nuclear deal between India and the U.S. was vehemently opposed by the leftists and communists in India. I certainly don't think they would have been able to muster the same level of caterwauling if the deal had been with China.

Can you hear it, the screaming and wailing from the left over these measures? After all, if a Conservative had enacted such measures in an America, the wailing from the left would have been like Dubya was slaughtering babies on the lawns of the White House and feeding them to jackals or something.

No wait..... scratch that..... bad analogy, perhaps it's just me but I'm not all that sure the left would be upset over that. But let's just pretend they will. Heavens above, bring my ear plugs ma, hurry, hurry, it's coming, I know it, it'll reach fever-pitch any time now and the basement walls won't be any match for their angry braying.

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