Australia's immigration detention 'worst in Western world'

This is laughable -- just the usual Leftist hysteria -- but one can only hope that it is widely publicized overseas -- particularly in places like Iran and Afghanistan (i.e. the places where most "boat people" come from)

A parliamentary inquiry has heard Australia has one of the harshest immigration detention systems in the Western world. A Joint Standing Committee on Migration is holding a public hearing in the west Australian city of Perth, as part of an inquiry into immigration detention.

Linda Briskman, from Curtin University's Centre for Human Rights and Education, told the hearing a Royal Commission is needed to expose the abuse of children in detention.

Meanwhile, a refugee supporter group told the inquiry the mandatory detention of asylum seekers should be abolished. Refugee advocate Anna Copeland says while a new Australian government changed some of the rules on immigration detention, asylum seekers are still being unfairly treated. "These people are not people who have committed any crime. In fact they're victims of crime, they're fleeing persuction, they're fleeing torture, inprisonment, threats to their family and themselves. We shouldn't be treating them like criminals."


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