Maybe the Police Will Help

Here's one you probably won't hear about from the liberal media, it's a 911 call (US emergency number) where a woman shoots a burglar dead. 56-year old Donna Jackson is home alone when Billy Dean Riley begins trying to force his way into her home. Jackson calls the police asking for help. She tells the dispatcher that she has a shotgun and doesn’t want to shoot the man attempting to batter down her door, but will if he is able to get in. (Despite what liberals think gun owners don't want to shoot people.) Jackson is on the phone with the dispatcher for ten minutes with no police response, when Riley uses a lawn chair to break through a plate glass door. Jackson then dispatches Riley with a single shot. Jackson then returns to the phone distraught that she has had to kill someone. It is another ten minutes before the police finally arrive. This is a prime example of why you can't rely on the police to save you from criminals, even if guns are outlawed. If this woman didn't have a gun she would have been dead long before the police ever got there. Note how much she doesn't want to shoot the idiot. But at least the dispatcher tells her she can shoot the guy.


Maybe next time he'll attack someone who doesn't have a gun. Oh wait; there won't be a next time. Oh well at least all those liberal gun haters are safer because this woman had a gun and knew how to use it.

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