Where's the justice?

SMH - ...Hughes and John's mother - who can not be identified for legal reasons - beat the boy [6 years old] to death in a prolonged and horrific assault. The pair punched and kicked the child, beat him with a hammer and smashed his head into a tiled wall during a three-hour attack. The little boy had a telephone book placed next to his head and was beaten with a hammer over the course of several hours. John's siblings were encouraged to jump on the boy from a top bunk and Hughes and his de facto stamped on his feet. John died at Westmead Hospital from severe head injuries.
These vermin were initially sentenced to 21 years jail, reduced to 19 years and now 16 years later, he will be released from jail on parole. The family of the victim did not want this piece of shit released, but as usual, the justice system reminded us in its usual worthless, patronizing way that it's not about the victim, it's all about the piece of shit that beat the life out of a 6-year-old boy. You see they think that the fellow has good prospects for rehabilitation.

In all seriousness, so what, can anyone tell me what a child-murdering piece of shit can do that no one else in this country can do and do better? If they strung this vermin up by his neck and left him for the vultures, is the stock of some business going to go down, is someone going to go hungry, is it going to get hotter, is a road project going to be held up, will a charity have to close down? Tell me, what is so terrible or even mildly regrettable that is going to happen? I just want to know why are we yearning for the contribution of a child-murdering scumbag.

This brings up another worrying question, how many children does a child-murdering piece of shit have to murder before these parole authorities decide, thanks for the offer child-murderer but we just don't want any more contributions from you, you've done quite enough.

The sister of this little boy who was made to watch this brutality asked today, "Where's the justice?", where indeed.

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