Nanny state now angling for pet monitoring - PET owners could be punished for not walking their dogs, under radical new laws being proposed by the RSPCA. Under the legislation, they would have to regularly exercise dogs, ensure animals are not kept chained up and give their pets adequate food and water. If the proposal becomes law, dog and cat owners across Australia would face prosecution, fines of up to $12,000 fines for animal cruelty and magistrates could consider jail in extreme circumstances.
Yes, yes, what this country needs is more laws, we've already got piles and piles of crap legislation banning things like raping, murdering, shootings, stabbings and such. And if you read the news every day you'd know Australia is a crime-free utopia, the last time anyone got shot or punched in the face was back in 19something or the other when guns weren't banned and it was the wild down under. The laws are working, working I tell you, just believe or else.

The article doesn't mention how any of this will be policed or what would happen if you fell and broke your legs, the way it's going they'll expect you to crawl out on your elbows anyway. Nobody in this vast bureaucracy that is to be setup to police the dog-walking laws gives a shit if you can't walk, that's simply no excuse. Now we all know that the new canine-patrol can't be everywhere to make sure you pet-owning cretins are doing as they please, so cameras and gps units will have to be installed at your expense.

Oh and they will be setting up super-computers with fancy algorithms to calculate and ensure that you do walk the full 30 minutes at the required pace or else, none of that stopping to chat and prattle about the weather with your fellow pet-owning cretins.
...Catherine and Mitch Wells said they would welcome laws to prosecute animal owners who did not exercise their pets. They said exercising their much-loved "Diva" was part of the deal of owning a dog, and they said all pet owners should be made to regularly walk their animals.
Now that I think about it, why not make up some new laws saying that dogs must be fed grade-A beef and king prawns for the cat, you the owner can go without if you have to. What if the owner dies, how about passing a law that all their possessions are sold off to care for the pets, won't somebody think about Diva, do it for the puppies!

To be quite honest, I don't know why they don't just propose taxpayer funded concentration camps, where repeat offenders and us peasants unwilling to bend to their fascist will on anything from walking the dog to the light bulbs you use are sent to have our backs broken.

P.S. Having your back broken is not an excuse to weasel out of walking the dog.

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