krudd chasing obamas ass - Updated

Andrew Bolt - First Kevin Rudd wasn’t going to go unless it was at the end, to be with Barack Obama:
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has offered to attend the United Nation’s climate summit in Copenhagen in December, but a final decision will be influenced by his Danish counterpart.

At this stage, Australia will be represented by Climate Change Minister Penny Wong, but the prime minister may join US President Barack Obama on the sidelines as a new global pact is signed off.
Then Obama announced he would be at the summit at the start, instead:
US President Barack Obama has confirmed he will attend a major climate summit next month … An official in his administration confirmed today that he would attend the summit on December 9.
So the world’s greatest autograph-hunter scrambles to change his flights to coincide with Obama’s:
Kevin Rudd is considering an unscheduled dash to Denmark next week in the opening days of the Copenhagen climate change conference …
But, oops, Obama promptly wrong-foots him:
US PRESIDENT Barack Obama has delivered a boost to UN climate talks in Copenhagen, agreeing to delay his visit until the end of the meeting, when the drive for a global warming pact will climax.
MK - Help me out here folks, who was that fellow on the left who said something about someone being an 'arse-licker'?

And I thought gordon brown openly drooling in the presence of barack obama was gay enough, boy was I wrong, our very own socialist sauce-boy seems far more infatuated with the great windbag, step aside gordon, before things get really bitchy at hopenhagen.

Update from AR - "Kevin Rudd has shelved plans for an early dash to Copenhagen after US President Barack Obama said he was not going until the late stages of the climate change conference..."

MK - No matter what happens kevvie is determined to spit-polish husseins ass to a fine shine. In Aussie lingo, fair suck of the arse boys, pity anyone who gets in his way.

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