Climate-gate even sounds better

Fox News - Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., is calling the leaked e-mails from climate scientists at a British university research unit a "theft" and "crime" that should be investigated, despite calls from Republicans to investigate the contents of the e-mails themselves, not the way they were leaked. "You call it Climate-gate. I call it E-mail-theft-gate," Boxer said at a hearing Wednesday on the Committee on Environment and Public Works, which she chairs. She suggested that a criminal conspiracy might even be at play in bringing the once private e-mails to public light.
Isn't it just like the lefties to carp about the way the emails were exposed, as if those climate snake-oilers were on the verge of 'full disclosure and let the public decide for themselves' or something. Those hackers deserve a medal at the very least for exposing these snake-oilers for what they really are. Their actions have already helped to overthrow lefties in Australia from foisting yet another useless tax upon us that would have cost us billions upon billions, they deserve our thanks, not whining and carping about how they saved us.
Inhofe spokesman Matt Dempsey said Thursday that his boss continues to believe Congress should be more focused on the scientific data than the conditions of the leak, and suggested Boxer may come around.
Personally I think this boxer woman would investigate the contents of cow excrement and focus on a dogs backside before she investigates the climate snake-oilers. The leftie politicians in Australia have thrown all their combined efforts into ignoring this issue, let alone ask some tough questions of their half-baked theories, so I don't see the ones in America being any different.

Heck the best the morons could come up with is 'E-mail-theft-gate', that's so lame and doesn't even rhyme. Say it with me folks, Climate-gate, it's easy and rolls off the tongue, so say it often.

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