Justice denied, again

News.com.au - SHE murdered her beautiful toddler in the most abhorrent way - swinging little Dean Shillingsworth around by his hooded top until he choked, before packing his body in a suitcase and tossing it into a dirty pond. ...Justice Hulme did not find Pfitzner was substantially remorseful, nor had she yet accepted responsibility for what she had done - so sentenced her to a minimum term of 19 years and two months. The maximum sentence is 25 years and six months. Justice Hilme said she would have received 30 years had she not pleaded guilty before her trial.
Like the piece of crap I wrote about yesterday, she is 28 now and she'll be out by 47 and sponging off society again, contributing nothing, just leeching off us like the evil, worthless parasite she is. Again I ask, of what benefit is this scumbag, what is our horrendous loss if she weren't taken out the back and shot. What we should have done is follow the lead of the Americans.
News.com.au - OHIO has put to death a convicted murderer with just one drug in a new procedure that has opened up a host of legal and ethical questions over lethal injection and capital punishment. ...Critics held that Kenneth Biros, sentenced to death for killing and dismembering a 22-year-old woman in 1991, was a human guinea pig being subjected to an untested procedure.
For @#$&sakes, the scumbag killed and dismembered a woman, what's so effing humane about that? Why the heck does any humanity have to be shown to him. Heck I would have thought that one injection would be welcomed by the anti-cruelty crowd, but then, their real motive is letting the scumbag off so they can coddle him isn't it, not actually punishing him.

Getting a meal every day until his execution is a luxury, not a right. When people take the lives of others in such a brutal and wicked way, they ought to be shown very little mercy in return. Execute scum like these, post haste.

But no matter what these bastards do, there are many among us still crying for them, just today I heard some half-wit on the radio bleating about how he can't support the death penalty because so many innocents have been executed in America. He conveniently didn't give any actual cases though. Does anyone know of any actual innocents who were executed?

Another nonsensical line people use is that with the advent of DNA and such we're finding that some innocents have been held in jail as if that's a reason not to execute the real scumbags. It's funny how people point to DNA to show innocence, but this same DNA can never be used to prove guilt! I for one am glad that technology can help us to clear innocents, but we should use that same technology to catch and prosecute the guilty as well.

And none of these folks who say 'the justice system is flawed so we can't kill the scum', never argue for it to be strengthened. For some weird reason, the horrendously flawed justice system that will mistakenly execute innocents can never send an innocent away for 30 years. Take the example of the woman above, the fellow who claimed that innocents will be executed if we had capital punishment, didn't question the trial or the process by which a woman was found guilty of murdering her son.

The way I see it, if you're worried about sending a few innocents to death, you should also be worried about sending them away for a decade or two, so work to strengthen the justice system, not weaken it to the benefit of the scum. Make the burden of proof harder for death penalty cases, add an extra review process for all I care, but if you have proved guilt in brutal crimes like the ones above beyond any doubt, then they must be put to death.

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